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Elvira's Horror Pack

Elvira's Horror Pack

    The Mistress of the Dark is back ... Adventure Soft Publishing present a collection of the bloodiest and scariest classic horror role-playing adventures you will ever see!

    In Elvira 1, you take on the role of ghost-buster and you try to rid Elvira's new castle retreat of its resident ghouls and zombies.

    Elvira 2 - The Jaws of Cerberus, sees you attempting to save Elvira from a fate worse than death at the claws of a netherworld entity of awesome dimension and fury.

    Waxworks is a classic RPG adventure spread over five blood-soaked worlds of the past, present and future.
Only Elvira's Horror Pack presents all three classic games, remastered and recoded to work on Windows 95 or 98.

    Minimum system :- 386, CD-ROM, Sound card, VGA graphics, 570k free base memory, 20mb hard disk space. Windows 95 or 98 only.


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